About the Beach Fire GuyTM Vision

Beach Fire Guy is a locally owned and operated business with a single mission: keeping the tradition of San Diego beach fires alive by servicing the local area with the right equipment and supplies to have a classic beach fire, while ensuring regulations are met and beaches are kept clean.

About Beach Fire Regulations

A few years ago, the city of San Diego eliminated most of the fire pits along the beaches due to budget cuts.  When public beach fire pits became more and more scarce, a few Mission Beach locals took notice. With so many golden memories forged around the fire, it seemed a shame to watch the old tradition disappear. We did the research to find a way to have beach fires and still be within regulations.  Our equipment meets all requirements. The safety of our customers and our community is of the utmost importance.

About Beach Fire Guy Services

Your Beach Fire host will deliver your supplies to any location within our serviceable areas. This includes Mission Beach, Mission Bay, Pacific Beach, Bay Park, and La Jolla. If you are wondering if another area near by is available, please contact us.

Additional supplies can be delivered, just let us know what you’re looking for when you book.

We’ll Clean Up For You!

We’ll properly dispose of the hot coals and ash, pick up your fire pit, chairs, and any other supplies, and dispose of any trash bags for you. We love this beach community and keeping it clean is very important to us!