My family has been coming out to San Diego every summer for close to 20 years now. We always stay in a vacation rental on the bay for a week and invite the whole family (which is about 12 people). It’s always a blast but it’s very difficult to get a large number of people of varying ages interested in doing the same activities. I saw Josh’s magnet on the fridge and decided we would give it a try….and what a great idea! Josh supplied us with everything we needed. We all ate s’mores, told stories, and the best part was not having to do any work. Our only regret was waiting till our last night to have the fire. Can’t wait to do it again next year!


I’m a local and never make room for the necessary gear for a fire much less the adirondack chairs and tiki torches for a proper beach fire! When I hooked up with beach fire guy one day when I had visitors from out of state, it was perfect – beach fire guy sorted everything out for us, all we had to do was worry about surfing, helping the kids build sand castles, sunscreen and beach towels. As the sun set, our site was set up and we transitioned effortlessly into the perfect SoCal night with beach fire, tiki torches, and s’mores. As far as I’m concerned, the value for the cost for beach fire guy- money well invested…well be talking about that day / evening on the beach for years to come….And as the photos circulate through our family and friends of that night, more people want to come visit….so just be careful what u post! You may get a lot more visitors!

—Local Motion

I hired beachfireguy.com as a small component of my 11 year old's birthday party on Mission Bay Park's De Anza Cove gazebo area.  This party was 4-7:00 PM mid-November and my thought was to have a warm place for the kids' parents/grandparents to sit and chat while the kids played.  And that is was!  It provided a lovely and far quieter atmosphere apart from the wild games that the kids were playing. (Gamez on Wheelz party truck/Rockband/Laser Tag, and double barrel Mini-marshmallow wars...) This company was really low-key and awesome to work with. WILL DEF USE THEM AGAIN!!!

—Kim P.

I had my birthday bonfire this weekend at Bonita Cove and these guys definitely helped make it very special. Josh was very helpful on the phone and email when I had questions and even when I had to reschedule. Robbie was our attendant that night and he got there early to set up. He was very nice and professional. At the last minute we realized we needed a table and Robbie came back within a about 20 minutes with one. My guests loved the red chairs, fire pits, tiki torches, and smores. Everyone thought it was just going to be a typical bonfire but were impressed when they saw the whole set up. Will definitely be using them again in the future.

—Michelle M.

Wow, what a blast. We had a beach fire this past weekend for my daughter's 16th birthday and the kids just loved it. 2 fire pits, tikis, chairs and s'mores for 20. I highly recommend these guys. Josh got us booked and Jacob got us all set up. I showed up just before 5pm and we had a spot right by South Mission Beach Jetty. Others we knew that were going to have a fire of their own at the same spot were there at 7am to reserve their spot by the city provided pits, and stayed there all day to keep it. We just rolled up on time and it was ready and waiting for us.

—Matthew G.