One of San Diego’s favorite activities during the summer months, when the days are warmer and longer, are beach bonfires. But, soon, the experience may cost you either more money or more time. Beach Fire Guy was the original pioneer of the idea in 2011.

The San Diego City Council approved a ban on wood-burning fires outside of city-provided rings on beaches. The approval came in early January, but the rule is expected to take effect in mid-February.

“You’re going from a $10 bundle of wood that will last you two-and-a-half hours to a propane tank that’s going to cost you $23, $27 to refill.”

We offer packages for purchase that include set-up and clean-up of everything you would need to enjoy a beach bonfire.

“From the firepit to some tiki torches for additional lighting. We bring the chairs, we also bring s’mores supplies for them to enjoy and we also have a bunch of different add-ons,” said Brown.

Brown explained that his company is in the process of pivoting to propane fire pits to align with the city’s new rules. The switch is going to be costly, but once he has all of the supplies he needs, the overall impact on business will be minimal.

we WILL continue to provide propane field beach fires when the new laws take effect.