Beach Fire Add Ons

Add items to your package of choice to make your event perfect.

Purchase More Add-Ons After Booking Your Fire

Our packages come with items already included.  But if you want to order extras after you’ve already scheduled, you can use our website to purchase more add-ons, and we’ll add any additionally purchased items to your order.

Packages Include Some Add-ons Already

Some add-ons like the Tiki torches and S’Mores (enough for 5-10 people) already come included with the Tiki S’mores Party and the San Diego Beach Fire Shindig.  If you want MORE add-ons, like MORE tiki torches, or others like a table, a cooler, and more, shop our add-ons at the link below!

Already Scheduled Your Fire but Need to Add More Extras?

If you’ve already scheduled your fire, use our store to purchase more add-ons after scheduling, and just note in your order comments what booking the add-ons are for.


Add Extras While You Schedule Your Fire

When you use our new scheduler, you can pick more add-ons to add to your package right there on the scheduling form.  This is the best way to add items to your booking.

How to book-a-beach-fire-with-extras

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