Q: How long does a fire last?

A: As long as you need it to. The standard amount of wood delivered should last you around 3 hours. If you plan to keep it going longer, just let us know how long and we can add extra wood to your package. Times can also vary depending upon your location or how windy it is.

Q: Can we order extra wood during our fire?

A: Sometimes. It depends on the delivery driver’s schedule and availability at the time of the call. It’s better to order ahead. A small delivery fee may apply depending upon your location for extra trips (trips in addition to normal drop off and pick up).

Q: I need something other than your offered fire packages. Can you help me?

A: Yes! We can customize a package for your event with additional equipment and supplies. Please let us know about any special requests you have.

Q: Is this within San Diego regulations?

A: Yes, we’ve made sure we meet the current San Diego beach fire guidelines. We will also clean up afterwards and make sure the beach is left as clean (or cleaner) than it was found.

Q: What do we do when we are done with our beach fire?

A: Please give your beach fire host a courtesy call to let them know you are almost finished, especially if you’re leaving earlier than your scheduled time. Beach fires must be attended while burning. If the fire is out, leave it. We’ll come back to disassemble, clear up, and discard the ash and coals properly. If the fire is not out, put just enough water or sand on it to put out the flames.

Q: Do you have any additional rules?

A:  Just the standard stuff you’d expect.  In general, please be responsible with your beach fire and always respect the beach and other people on the beach.  Don’t burn anything other than the wood we provide and let us know if you have any questions about your beach fire.  Check out our terms of service for detailed information on our policies.   More questions?  Contact Us!

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