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We had a great bonfire last night. Josh did an excellent job and even graced us with his amazing guitar playing skills! The chairs and decor made us feel like we were in our own back yard. Thanks Josh!


Gail Langford – FB Review

Had a wonderful evening last night enjoying gorgeous San Diego weather. What could possibly be better than having a beach fire, some friends, some guitars and s’mores? We are going to try and do this once a month for the summer.

Wes Skp – FB Review

Hunter was super nice, great custom service!

We absolutely loved our fire last night. My kids had SO MUCH fun! We will be back again!

Faith Clements – FB Review

SO much fun! We used Beach Fire Guy last night for a fun get together and it was awesome. Perfect evening, reasonable price, friendly service. Couldn’t have asked for more. Will definitely use them again (and soon!).

Elizabeth Westman – FB Review

Excellent service and staff. Made for a wonderful evening on the beach.

Fletch Griffin – FB Review

Great way to have a bonfire on the beach. Will definitely do this again!

Monica Longo – FB Review

Amazing service! Josh can enhance any occasion. I would definitely recommend Beach Fires!

Cadena Ragsdale – FB Review

Such an awesome experience!!! Thank you guys so much!!! My family loved it

Chad Banks – FB Review

This was such a fun evening! The chairs were good quality, and everything was set up beautifully. Would definitely use again.

Ashley Roen – Google Review

Great service. Showed up and all of the chairs and plenty of firewood were waiting for us. Tucker did a great job setting it all up. Thank you guys!!

Steve Miller – Google Review

We were only in town for a long weekend to celebrate birthdays and a graduation. It was a last minute decision to have a beach fire for my mom’s birthday, the guys were super accommodating and had everything we could have needed to have a fun, relaxing night!

Sunni Harbert – Google Review

Jordan was at beach with our chairs and pit all set up. We had a wonderful evening on mission bay. A night to remember.

Christina Pugh – Google Review

My family and I drove down from Orange County for a day trip to have a bonfire at Mission Bay (Santa Clara Point). Since it was over a very hot weekend, so it’s also very crowded. We had a hard time finding parking but since we were supposed to meet Bryce at 4pm; we got there by 3pm and was able to keep circling around for parking. By 4pm, it’s just a matter of being patience as more people were leaving.


Bryce was very cool and set up the bonfire. He told us where he would set it up to get the prime view of the Sea World’s fireworks at 9:50pm. We did the shindig package with extra chairs. We also like the fact that it’s cash only so “no show, no pay”. No need to worry.

Even though the bonfire was set up around 4pm, we didn’t really lit the fire until past 7pm after sunset. We basically just hang out at the beach as the kids playing the sand castle, we flew kites. There were plenty of wind, flying kites were super easy even for me, first timer. Because it’s in Mission Bay, the water is very blue and less wind and the kids liked it better. The wave did kick up a bit as the night progresses.

We brought igloo and corns and just got hotdogs from local store. We had hotdogs and corns over bonfire. Since it was super warm during the day, night time didn’t seem that cold after all but we did bring jackets and blankets just in case. After dinner, we had s’more and the kids love the whole “cooking over fire” experience. My daughter kept asking to go back “tomorrow”.

We saw a couple of fireworks going off before 9:50pm from a distance and wasn’t sure if we should stay to make sure there’s a firework. By 9:50pm past, we were like urgh I guess no fireworks then suddenly poofed, the fireworks from Sea World was happening. Really great seeing so close. We were the only ones left on the beach so it was like a private viewing of fireworks. Awesome feeling!

Abbe W. – Yelp Review

What a great way to end a perfect day. My husband and I set this up after our amazing dinner for our 1 year wedding anniversary. The guy was very flexible with time so that was a major plus.
So we met up with the fire guy (he will contact you a couple of hours ahead to make sure you’re still coming) and he was easy to find. Parking was easy on a Tuesday night. We met up at the little beach area that was right across the water from SeaWorld. There were other bonfires going on as well, but they weren’t that close at all.
Make sure to bring a jacket! It gets chilly!
Also be sure to call SeaWorld to see THE EXACT TIME the nightly fireworks go off! That way you won’t miss them. The times change almost daily.
The guy was super nice, showed us our bonfire, we paid him in cash, and then he left.
We had the tiki lights with two chairs and smores. They provide extra firewood to last hours and sticks to put the marshmallows on. We really enjoyed our quality time together.
When your done, all you do is text the guy saying your finished and go home. He’ll come tear down the bonfire and everything. The price is very reasonable. I’d definitely do it again.

Soleil K. – Yelp Review

If you want to do a bonfire and don’t want the hassle of staking out a place all day and bringing your own wood THESE GUYS ARE THE ONES TO CALL!

I was planning my daughters 13th birthday party and Josh was absolutely accommodating with my plans and request.

The day of the party Jacob set it up and he was THE BEST. Whenever I needed either more wood, cups, or the tiki torches to be lit again, I just needed to text him and he would be there within 15-20 mins. I don’t know if that’s the norm, but it was great!

I would totally use them again!! Excellent job guys! Thank you for making my daughter’s birthday party a success! It was a hit with all her friends!

Joselyn S. – Yelp Review

I tried to contact other beach fire services around San Diego and it was a nightmare. I filled out Beach Fire Guy’s application and within an hour and a half I was contacted to get everything set up. I was very impressed and they were even able to adjust the time when we decided to do the fire on the day of. The fire was great and we enjoyed our time on the beach. It is so nice to just show up to the fire and leave and not worry about setting up or cleaning up.

Stirling S – Yelp Review

These “guys” were great! Brought down our girls lacrosse team for a weekend in SD. Same day service- set it all up, fire going when we got there, tiki torches and snores for 21. A great deal, as easy as it gets, and they came back and cleaned it all up at the end. Perfect!!!

Wendy R – Yelp Review

I had a family reunion scheduled back in July & was so worried that everything wouldn’t work out, but we had THE perfect experience. A lot of them had never been to a bonfire before & this was the most fun out of all of our events. The marshmallows & s’mores were a hit too!

Mika J. – Yelp Review

We had a great experience with Beach Fire Guy! They were awesome with communicating with me the entire process. Great set up and so fast and easy. We will definitely do this again.

Heather H. – Yelp Review